Do you want to place free online jigsaw puzzles on your website or blog? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Free jigsaw puzzles to download

 All our puzzles are completely free! These jigsaw games may be used in any kinds of projects, but may not be redistributed or resold to third parties. Simply choose a puzzle you’d like to add to your website or blog, and click on the link to download the zip file:

sunrise  swash  somewhere in Florida  stream  petunia

castle  aquarium  horses  head rock  lake and town  forest  flower  canyon

monastery  lake in zoo  street  sunset  winter  bridge  garden

Spanish castle  lake  flowers  mountain  stronghold  village, Spain  fountain

bouquet  yachts  hunting house  fishes  house  river  village  dam


See also difficult puzzles: Alicante  alligator  cactus  cactus2  gladiolus  ladybird  lonicera pileata  maze  nymphaea alba  squirrel

pine  stones  tagetes  tagetes yellow  theatre  trees in water  viola  viola yellow  crab  sea urchin


Game size: 850/600px, three levels of difficulty for each jigsaw: 9x9, 8x8, 7x7 pieces. If you like us, a link is always appreciated.

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