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Gladiolus jigsaw puzzle

Gladiolus jigsaw puzzle. The genus Gladiolus contains over 250 species, most are native to South Africa. The species vary from very small to the spectacular giant flower spikes in commerce. The South African species were originally pollinated by long-tongued bees, but some changes in the pollination system have occurred, allowing pollination by noctuid, sunbirds, moths, long-tongued flies and some others.

The images on our free jigsaw puzzles include beautiful scenes from nature, buildings, animals. You can choose the level of difficulty: 9x9, 8x8 or 7x7. Click a piece and drag it to the solution area. Use the thumbnail picture at the top to help solve it. If you are new to puzzles, it is recommended to build the edges first, then the inside pieces, or to work on one color at a time (such as sky, snow, sea..). Jigsaws can help logic skills and those who have good logic and deduction skills are usually good with puzzles.

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